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Hypocrisy doesn’t take a vacation

Another week and another frankacomb.com blog post. There are so many things that we could discuss in this post . . . earthquakes, Libya, 2012 GOP Candidates, The Obama family vacation, the release of an album featuring unfinished works by Hank Williams, all of these are very pertinent topics for discussion, but let’s instead take a look at “Hypocrisy.” And with that we start this week’s post. As always don’t forget to “like” Frankly Speaking on Facebook, and to comment on this article.

A lot has changed in the last three years.  We are at war in Libya, (I won’t even mention Syria) but where are the war protesters that we have grown accustomed too?  Drive through Ithaca or dig on the internet for coverage of when they plan to protest the wars, and you will see the numbers have dwindled (even NPR had to admit it). Now, why would anti-war protesters, who were so vocal during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, suddenly decide to sit Libya out?  Is it that career protesters are taking a breather? Hardly! The difference is who is in the White House. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are still going; Gitmo is still open for business, the same people protesting these things three years ago under Republican Bush, are now very quiet under Liberal Obama, even though Obama added a war for good measure. So there is our first look at hypocrisy.

Remember the media’s criticism of George W. Bush and his golf game? Remember the outrage, as soldiers were in Iraq and Afghanistan, that George W. Bush would have the audacity to play golf?  Now with those same wars and now Libya, we are told it makes you a stronger leader to golf, that we should want a leader that takes the timeout to golf and think through the world’s problems. In the same vein of golf, how about the vacations and parties? If I have to hear another hippy talk about how many vacation days George W. Bush took while in office, I too would have needed to go to Martha’s Vineyard to relax and take my mind of off things (though substitute Martha’s Vineyard for Brown’s Cigar Store, and I don’t have corporate jet owner money) . Now that Obama is golfing & relaxing, while the economy crumbles, unemployment rises, and we are at war(s), Jay Carney says a President is never really on vacation, that he always takes the office of President with him. This is the same Jay Carney that criticized Bush for that same opinion three plus years ago. Of course the whole vacation that the president is currently on is one big definition of hypocrisy. The President heads to Martha’s Vineyard, the home of many of the same “fat cat, corporate jet owners” that he has been using as a poster child for all that is wrong in this country. And as Obama clings to Warren Buffet’s proclamation, that he wants to pay more taxes, and that the Government should make others pay more taxes as well, Obama is living the same lifestyle he and Buffet want to punish.  

How about the media who criticized Bush for “out of control spending” and conveniently forget to mention that the national debt, under Obama, is growing faster and is now pacing 3 million dollars a minute, even during his vacation.  

I know your saying, “stop Frank with the ‘under Bush this and you picked on Bush for that’ argument, crybaby.” Well that’s not the goal of this article at all. What I have just mentioned are numerous examples of hypocrisy that I could remember in all of about 3 minutes. I could have mentioned George Soros, or campaign funding, or other Democrats, I will spare you of all of that. What this article is all about, is that Obama and his administration have been given free passes since day one. Free passes from his hypocrisy being called out. Free passes of hypocrisy by the media and the left.

Promises that we would not see an unemployment rate above 8 percent if we passed the stimulus were not kept, we got into a war in Libya without congressional approval and we the American people have been  given little to no information about the goals, costs, or directives. Could you imagine if Bush had said in regards to Iraq or Afghanistan, that it would last days not weeks, we would still be reading it on shirts and bumper stickers, like we do “mission accomplished.”  Obama said the world would come to an end if we didn’t raise the debt ceiling, though then-Senator Obama voted against it under George W. Bush. Absolutely the Media is hypocritical because they are letting Obama get away with things they criticized Bush for. I don’t think that is an outlandish statement. The problem is they are letting Obama get away with things on a regular basis, that no president should get a free pass on, Republican or Democrat. No president should be allowed to stay in office with a disgraceful, secretive program like Fast and the Furious. Yet the media is barely covering that at all.

 If a president went after the media like Obama and his administration went after FOX News, the media would call for their heads, and yet again Obama just gets puff pieces and pats on the back.

As we draw nearer to 2012, we have to keep in mind that this preferential treatment will not go away. In fact it will only increase. The hypocrisy by Obama, the Democrats and the media, is only going to get more blatant and more frustrating as we get closer and closer. Though on a positive note, I do believe the people are starting to see through it, and recognize it. We just need to fight the good fight at the ballot box.  So after Election Day, we can get back to the media criticizing the President and bashing him/her over the same things Obama did during the previous administration.

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    Posted by Ryuichi | June 17, 2012, 1:32 am


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